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"Oh, all of these improvements cost $199 (plus a new USB cable if you go for scenario two). And as I mentioned earlier, the noise floor improvements to tonality, timbre, bass definition and overall air/depth were obvious in most music I demoed over the past month. Only bombastic loud classical, big band and rock epics were somewhat difficult to discern. So what! My smokey acoustic jazz never sounded so smokey…oh and the smoke is easier to identify… now where did I stash those Oreos??

Thorsten Loesch and his team at AMR/iFi are on to something very good, very inexpensive, and very focused. And us cheap audiophiles are the ones who stand to gain. They are bringing out a DAC, a phono stage and likely other amplification, etc. Keep an “i” on iFi. They might just change the paradigm of what we used to call cheap cheerful hifi." - Ted Brady, HP Soundings

“What's more important is the iUSBPower makes listening to music through my desktop system even better. And that makes me smile.” -Michael Lavorgna-AudioStream

" At that price, EVERY serious digital audiophile should have one.  A round of applause, please.

[Final note: iFi Audio have promised to ship their twin-headed USB cable to me sometime in February so there may be follow-up coverage shortly thereafter.]" John Darko-Digital Audio Review.

"Frankly buying an iUSB with any USB powered audio device is a no brainer and the degree of improvement it brought to the already good iDAC really means the two should be viewed as one unit bought together.-you won't be disappointed...  improvements can be made with even high-end DACs and thus I recommend strongly that those using a laptop as a source via USB should give the iUSB Power a go.  Once again AMR has pushed the boundaries of what's possible and at a new price point I look forward to see where they and iFi Audio go next."

-Neil, Adventures in HiFI Audio.

The most important feature of any USB audio device (USB DAC, USB Amplifier and USB Speaker etc.) is the power supply. The USB system as well as audio, carries its own power. Perfectly adequate to power anything from USB memory sticks to tablet computers; it falls far short from being a suitable noise-free power supply for high-quality music reproduction.  To improve all USB audio devices out there, we wanted to develop not just a better power supply, but the best power supply for all audio devices. With the iUSB, quiet passages are whisper quiet. The climaxes are fiercer, and everything in between is richer, more vibrant and no longer grainy.

To create a USB power supply that is ultra-quiet is an engineering feat in its own right. We went several steps further. The Super Regulator technology encompasses; multi-stage and multi-order power purifying with filtering. We even commissioned a special, audio-grade USB power supply unit. The iUSB with an excellent voltage accuracy of 0.5% is even quieter than a 9V dry cell battery.

To put it into perspective, if the DC power supply voltage from the iUSBPower was taken as equivalent to the sound level of a large calibre gun fired right next to you (painfully loud, usually taken as around 140dB), the noise produced by the iUSBPower would be completely inaudible to the human ear.

Power Supply Noise

 The IsoPower system is a completely new way to connect your USB audio device. There is the standard USB connection option; but with the upcoming iFi dual-path Gemini USB cable, our engineers developed the IsoPower system which offers the option to run separate power and audio data lines. You wouldn’t place interconnects and power cables together so why should the USB connection do it?

IsoPower eliminates any pollution between data and power lines. It keeps your USB audio data free from contamination and removes the USB Signal noise from the power supply lines, to enjoy the maximum performance from your USB audio device, unhindered.

Our engineers developed the advanced IsoEarth technology specifically for the iUSBPower. By breaking the noisy DC ground connection between the computer and your USB audio device, this further reduces the ground noise by a factor of 10. Your USB audio device can now operate in the cleanest environment possible; allowing your music to flow.


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