Musica Pristina

Musica Pristina was founded by some local musicians and engineers in North Carolina.  It's a great combination of traits. The past year has seen a lot of activity in their stable, not the least of which is the new Transducer Dac that has many of us drooling.  They make several superb servers as well with some killer power supply options. 

We'll let them tell their own story;

About Musica Pristina

Our Music Sounds the Best

Okay, technically, it's not our music. It's your music. The classical that brings tears to your eyes. The operas that touch your soul. The classics you rocked to when your hair was truly great.

And technically, we're not trying to sound the Best. Just the most accurate. We've spent our days (and nights and weekends) striving for the most life-like sound reproduction we could achieve. No Digital Signal Processing enhancemnets. No EQs. No tricks or gimmicks. Only a passion for, and strong commitment to integrity. We've made accurate sound our forte, so that music appreciation can be yours.

Musica Pristina, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, was founded by a few professional musicians and engineers. The President and Chief Designer, Kevin Welsh is an accomplished computer engineer with a life-long passion for music. The ease of use of the system along with the optimization of Windows have been addressed by Mr. Welsh.

Another team member is Simon Thacher Ph.D., a retired electrical engineer with a background in digital electronics (software development) and digital signal processing. Since Simon is a former professional musician with 12 years of formal education in classical piano, he has been tasked with the primary responsibility of critical listening.

These engineers are also consulting designers for several Hi-Fi equipment manufacturers, including Joule Electra and Spectron.

The British famed audio engineer, Mark Bartlett, inventor of the famous “superclock” also plays an important role in the design of Musica Pristina servers. Acting as a consultant, Mark’s contribution to these server’s sound is invaluable.


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