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February. 17. 2016
Voxativ's New Desktop Speaker and Trafomatic Audio's New Premise

Desktop listening just got a lot more fun.  Of course this set up need not be relegated to a desk, as most rooms would be quite happy with it.  Check out the video!


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January. 31. 2016
The Final Audio Sonorous X Finds a Home with Stereodesk and Glenmorangie

Please enjoy the videos of these two eloquent timeless offerings.  Where craftsmanship and patience meet, great works are produced for the ages.  Here are two examples of what an heirloom offering truly is...great now, and just as great in 50 years.


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December. 20. 2015
How We Hear- A Beginner's Guide. Check out this article from Stereophile
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Welcome to Stereo Desk.  We're dedicated to high-end stereo solutions for limited spaces.  The majority of our background has been at vaunted levels of cost no object stereo reproduction.  That said, we yearn for tunes at any given time; in the office, in bed while others sleep, near someone who has the nerve to focus on something other than music.  For those of your subjugated to music black-out, we offer an interesting array of diminutive solutions and fantastic headfi.  

By all means, welcome to reference level music reproduction.  There are a wide range of products on this site, the commonality being that, regardless of price-point, they make music come alive.  


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