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Voxativ's New Desktop Speaker and Trafomatic Audio's New Premise

Desktop listening just got a lot more fun.  Of course this set up need not be relegated to a desk, as most rooms would be quite happy with it.  Check out the video!  
final audio small monitor stereodesk Trafomatic tube amp Voxativ

The Final Audio Sonorous X Finds a Home with Stereodesk and Glenmorangie

Please enjoy the videos of these two eloquent timeless offerings.  Where craftsmanship and patience meet, great works are produced for the ages.  Here are two examples of what an heirloom offering truly is...great now, and just as great in 50 years.  
Final Audio Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch

How We Hear- A Beginner's Guide. Check out this article from Stereophile

RMAF RM 1010

Emia's new Active Quad ELS and the Saskia Reference 2 Turntable!!  Come give a gander!!Read Stereophile's Review of the Quad here!                                                                                                                                                              
Emai Quad Quad 57 Saskia Turntable

The Saskia Reference 2 Table, The Trafomatic Eos, and Hemingway Cables.

Welcome to this wonderful system, this time with a focus on the workings of the best Idler made, the Saskia Ref 2.  

Hemingway Audio Cables with Trafomatic, Boenicke, and the Saskia Ref 2 Turntable.

The first of several videos highlighting different elements of the system as well as different styles of music per video.  Enjoy the lead video featuring the Hemingway Cables.  

Mono and Stereo and The Crayon CFA 1.2-Coming Home Again

Isn't it nice to see your thoughts validated by another listener who seems to share your tastes in a number of areas. (see the Mono And Stereo review of late.)   Well it is for me, but moreover it sometimes serves to bring you back to something you love.  The Crayon CFA 1.2 is one such elegant beast. We've had one in a loop, playing at about 1.5 ohms for months.  No failure, and in fact, the thing just keeps sounding better.  Just as Matej of Mono and Stereo stated, large life-sized imaging, in the tube genre feel.  He winds up the review with an award and the following,  "The Crayon CFA-1.2 never ceases to amaze me, even after months...

Munich 2015 Tune Audio Anima and ModWright

Tune Audio's Anima has grown in popularity with each passing year.  Here's why:
stereodesk Tune Audio Tune Audio Anima
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