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Quincy Jones, Young Monsters, and a new old presence.

Quincy Jones, or simply Q to those of my generation, has had affiliations with some of the last centuries most popular music.  I need not recount his work with Basie, Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and countless others.  However in these, his later years, (lest he defy mortality with all else he's worked around) his concentration has been on bringing exposure to younger musicians...not necessarily established acts.  One common factor that each of these musicians share is advanced facility on their chosen instruments.  This is an aisle removed from several of his other 'pop' affiliations that were focused more on great entertainers as opposed to great musicians.  I'm glad he's out there doing what he's doing.  Whether or not you care for the particular styles of the following young folk (some are younger than things in my sock drawer) you cannot deny their ability.  Hat's off Q.  Keep doing it.  Here is a selection from 3 or 4 of the kiddos that are being represented by Q and his team.  Enjoy.  And to those who fear losing old Q, worry not he still has his fingers in a few pop pies; Allen Stone and Nikki Yanofsky to name a few. 




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