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The Winter Ball


There was no time for photos.  Well almost no time,  as the young and old, decked out in their finery of black or white tie and designer gowns, kept us busy fitting their heads with the likes of the Take-t H2+. "It's like having you ears kissed by Cherubim." remarked one lovely lady.  Beautifully put. Also beautifully put, were the proceeds which benefitted the Discovery Ensemble.  A quartet from the Ensemble played a number or two with soulful elegance, sandwiched between sets of a society band...there was dancing, lots of dancing and enough Champagne to comprise the largest bubble bath in recent history.

Here's a shot of Tamar and Sasha, partaking of the Take-t's!!  (look forward to new coverage of the Taket's being powered by the Crayon CHA-1!!)


Here's a great shot of the Discovery Ensemble Quartet


Graham Wright of Opus Affair and of the Ball.

Tamar and Sasha with the Astell and Kern AK 120, powering HiFiMAN RE-600s

Off to the side, you can see the phenomenal Musica Pristina Transducer, feeding the equally impressive Bakoon HPA-21, which in turn was running modified HiFiMAN HE-500s...

In Full Swing


 The Ballroom pre-show...

Discovery Ensemble Opus Affair stereodesk Taket Headphones Winter Ball

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