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The Boenicke Tuning Box

We've been enjoying a few musical afternoons out. This time at my friend Josh's, auditioning the Boenicke Tuning Box. Sven Boenicke, rightly known as a master tuner of speakers and systems, has created a box that delivers much of his magic. Just place between your amp and speakers and let the magic begin. The system we're hearing is comprised of Albedo HL2.2 speakers, a Crayon CFA 1.2 integrated amplifier, the Wyred4Sound Dac 2 DSDse, and a Bybee power conditioner.

The Box contains among other things; Stein Music Speaker Match Signatures, Latest Gen Bybee Bullets on both rails, a special acoustical phase linearization network, and proprietary harmonizer that will remain a secret - a gift from a great engineer who came before us and was partial to Sven. 

The end result was taking a fantastic system and transporting it to another level. It was not subtle. The results on 3 and 4 way speakers was even more profound...

The Trio Is Shota Osabe on piano, Ray Brown on bass, and Harold Jones on skins.


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