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Neutral Audio Makes Great Strides on 6Moons

"we still don’t have a clue what really goes on inside the DREI module. The explanation in the Neutral literature doesn’t quite cut wood. But it is the result that counts. The X-DREI thus adds itself to the Schumann resonance devices, minute ASI acoustic resonators, wood blocks and its many copies where how exactly they do the things they do in a musical setting remains an unanswered question - but hey, life has many unexplained things. With the mysterious X-DREI the end result is sometimes stunning, in other cases more subtle but with each and every recording we used, there was an effect which no other ‘tweak’ or accessory has managed before. And this effect was very favorable. For purists the whole notion of an after-preamp is like cursing in church. For open-minded music lovers it's more like a little blessing." - Marja and Henk, 6Moons


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