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The Sun Rises on Munich


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The roosters' crow of our work are the hammers coming down on those railroad spikes.  It's something every ear has to come to terms with on its own.  Then and only then, are you truly awake.  Soon the sun is beating down on my back.  By afternoon we men are too tired to speak.  The rhythm of the work, the clangs and heaves, the unspoken dance of four men shuffling a tie (speaker) into place.  Yes, running an audio business is a lot like laying railroad track.  "water boss!" I shout out.  Only in my world, the water isn't a leaky wooden bucket with a ladle, but water being heated to a perfect (for my Creme Earl Gray) 210 degrees F, or 98.8 Celsius.  Then I enjoy a moment of respite, from the hustle, the constant communication, those 10-15% of fine young music purveyors returned from the war of shipping, never to be the same again.  No, this is my moment.  My tea, a little bit of whichever book has my fancy, a quick perusal of 6Moons, for the world through Srajan eyes.  This morning he's caught me.  In spite of his perfect English and many years state side, I can feel him returning home more or less.  I'm not referring to his world view (which has always seemed just that, not of a particular place) rather, it would be like my returning to New Orleans...given time, my speech would slow, my humor lengthen, my cares...relax. We are after all, greatly influenced by the soup of the place we arise each day; Gumbo, Gespacho, Bunder Gerstensuppe (Swiss Barley Soup), Chowdah.  And though the Northern Germany of today, has little to do with the Northern Germany of say 40 years ago, (as with most places caught in 'Future Shock' *), much less a French flavored Swiss Village, we still may sense an essence of return.  Now my tea is kicking in and these rambling can be brought to a halt.  I don't believe there is a point but if there is, it may be that the Swiss Audio Scene is pretty kickin' and this year at Munich HighEnd, Srajan, among others, will be focused on many of their offerings.   The Boenicke/Purist/Trilogy Room (Swiss, English, and US to be exact) The SoundKaos, Nagra, Vovox Room (all Swiss)...of course, my experience is that the tide of any given show often outweighs original intent.  That's what is so great about them.  So the biggest and perhaps best audio show is underway in a few weeks.  Here's hoping we see you there. Ahh, that was the point.


 *Toffler, Future Shock, 1970


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