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Munich High End 2015 ENIGMAcoustics!!

And so let the madness begin.  Here is Enigma Acoustics Mythology Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeaker entitled the Mythology (or M1) 1.  All that talk adds up to one of the most delineating loudspeakers to ever cross my ears, period.   You hear it all and then some with the M1.  On hand was the irrepressible Wei Chang...a solid sender and head road honcho for all things Enigma.  Also on hand was the fantastic Enigma Dharma D1000 Headphone and the perfectly matched Athena A1 Headphone amp.  This set utilizes the same tech as in the Sopronino tweeter and the M1 speaker.  This headphone amp combo is surely one of the sweetest deals in all of audio.  See it on these pages soon!!!



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