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Mono and Stereo and The Crayon CFA 1.2-Coming Home Again

Isn't it nice to see your thoughts validated by another listener who seems to share your tastes in a number of areas. (see the Mono And Stereo review of late.)   Well it is for me, but moreover it sometimes serves to bring you back to something you love.  The Crayon CFA 1.2 is one such elegant beast. We've had one in a loop, playing at about 1.5 ohms for months.  No failure, and in fact, the thing just keeps sounding better.  Just as Matej of Mono and Stereo stated, large life-sized imaging, in the tube genre feel.  He winds up the review with an award and the following,

 "The Crayon CFA-1.2 never ceases to amaze me, even after months of use and after numerous comparisons to other integrates and separates it firmly stands on its own as a truly special product. In a world where feature packed Class D amplifiers promise sonic excellence but fail to deliver it and where smaller class AB integrates sound dynamically limited and bandwidth constrained, the Crayon CFA-1.2 represents a refreshing alternative working in the analog domain and delivering the sound of the highest order while at the same time sounding much more powerful and dynamic than the Watt rating would suggest."  

Of course it wasn't news to us.  We've submitted the CFA 1.2 twice and each time if received an award.  Around our business, it is always there.  It brings you to the music each and every time, and will also tell you what is happening in your system like few other transducers.  Thanks be to Roland Krammer, who like his creation, is as steady as the sun.

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