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The Bakoon HPA-21...Bad Bakoon a Risin.

Taking orders now for the HPA-21, but here's why:

Occasionally you hear tell of a product that seems unavoidable.  Bakoon's new HPA-21 Headphone Amp seems such a product.  Something that trumps it's predecessor in a particular area, while being more affordable.  (of course it attempts to be nothing other than a headphone amp, unlike it's multi tasking older sibling.) The source of that information is of course the most important quotient.  So when an owner, someone that I would describe as subtle in his assertions and predictions, says he has a game changer on his hands, one can't help it.  You can't put the genie back in the bottle.  And so despite knowing that predictions of yet to be heard gear are CandyLand, track record and integrity brings one to the inevitable conclusion that this will be next for you.  If you hear surrender in my words, it's because representation without true hands-on experience with a product, is counter to our ethos.

Thus is my place, where Bakoon's HPA-21 Headphone Amp is concerned.  Soo In from Bakoon mentioned it to me in an email with a certain wistful assurance to make StereoDesk certain of it's representation.  After all, the Amp-11r exceded all of our expectations and relentlessly fulfilled it's goal of being the best desktop amp and headphone amp in our experience.

We know that the HPA-21 is currently in the hands of one top reviewer whose unwillingness to let give early, gave him great pleasure.  So, we wait, but by all accounts, don't be surprised if there's a new reference in town this time next month.

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