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In the interest of sloth, I'm going to be adding some links to coverage from the RMAF.  Great coverage from Steven R. Rochlin of Enjoy the Music, Scot Hull from Part Time Audiophile, Peter Breuninger from AV Showrooms, Michael Lavorgna of Audio Stream, Jude from Headfi, Michael Fremer of Analog Panet, and many others.  Speaking of Jude, check out their RMAF preview below!!

We would have loved to attend, but we're trying to open a brick and mortar and this is our busy season!!




There are a few bouts of nepotism here...might as well start with one.  Darren and Bonnie Censullo of Avatar Acoustics switched from their general purview of a super high-end and equally high priced equipment showing, and just went with the former.  That's right the affordable audio from iFi-Micro, with Audeze headphones and a computer source.  Click on the sexy rack of little wonders.  Thanks Audio Circle's Pez and Tyson for the great coverage.











  daGoGo Below Oh..okay this the second bout of nepotism...Jack Roberts heard the magic and gave it one of his best of show badges.  Dave Slagle and Win Tinnon really put something special together.  Wish I could have been their guys.  Those RCA LC-1A LS-11 are the bees knees...and obviously I love all things Emia.  You'll find his first mention on page two!







Some more RMAF Canjam can be seen on

Also don't miss the coverage from AudioHead.  They have a great youtube page as have to scroll down the page to catch the videos on their site but it's worth it.


Emia iFi Micro RMAF RMAF 2013 RMAF Best in Show Saskia Reference 2 Stereodesk

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