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(Massimo Costa e Cristiano Bastianelli)

Everyone has there own taste.  Over years of listening we come up with reasonable formulations of what we will like or not like based on approach.  So when we heard about a speaker that had ceramic drivers and a transmission line, the initial reaction was luke warm.  Though transmission lines have their attributes, there are also generally draw backs.  I could say the same about some ceramic drivers I've heard.  Not promising.

However, another fellow I've corresponded with, Srajan Ebaen (I'm an avid reader of his site,, seemed to have a different opinion of Albedo Audio.  I knew from reading that he too, shied away from what we typically associate with ceramic and or transmission line presentations.  When I inquired, he let me know, though subtly, that this was something different.

I began to do some research regarding Massimo Costa, the chief designer and engineer at Albedo Audio.  The first thing that struck me was the beauty of the speakers.  Being from Montelabbate, in the Province of Pesaro, it goes to reason, that Mr. Costa should have the lineage to produce so beautiful an object. (again to each his own)  Whether or not it is to your taste, perhaps we may agree that the design is singular.


I then corresponded with Cristiano Bastianelli, who is the Managing Director at Albedo, (he is  also a principal at Audio Living Designs and Music Tools)  He very happily forwarded all of the literature surrounding the speakers.  In some cases, this was a 'you get what you ask for' outcome. A 20 page white paper on why the speakers work, seemed daunting at first.  However, after the first bits, it took hold of me.  

The use of Helmhotz resonators in a transmission line seemed to have several excellent attributes, not the least of which was smoothing the way for the larger driver to produce well delineated bass.

 Okay, the impedance measurements seemed excellent and friendly.  Why not give it a go.  I would say we were song numero uno when I knew we were going to be affiliated in some fashion.  Nothing like 4ohm ceramic designs that lack dynamics.  Three songs in and I was trying to figure out what I had to sell to import them.  Four songs in I decided to show them at the Capital Audio Fest despite being already stretched to the limit with staff and funds.

And here we are.  The Albedo Audio Speakers exceed my expectation for a speaker of their kind, and are excellent references regardless of cost.  They also fit nicely into the purview of StereoDesk as they are easily placed, can live happily in a real room (corners are not verboten) and take up no more room than a monitor on a stand. (excepting their Axcentia 3 way-more on that in it's product page.)  Did I mention that they are beautiful?

They are also wonderfully coherent, go deeper than the vast majority of speakers their size, and play music joyfully and with tremendous accuracy.  They're beautiful to look at (said it again) and easily placed.  

Please give them a listen.  We'll make it as easy as possible.  

You're going to love these...

Team StereoDesk

 p.s. we're also interested in expanding our dealer network.




Albedo Audio Aptica

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