Amps and Mono Blocks

 How big is your amp?  Do you have power supplies that weigh at least as much as an electric car?  I gauge my physical health on whether or not two of the power supply boxes for one channel of the Wavac Mono blocks (see right) weigh more or less than me.  

Kidding aside, the area wherein I love mono blocks and dual mono designs, is that sense of ease you can get by having completely separate power supplies for both channels.  It also may serve to give you that last umph of separation and space.  Of course, most of the designs we carry are dual mono through the circuit, and some even dual mono right down to the iec's.


Here we'll keep our Mono and Stereo Amps to a size that befits the small space leanings of StereoDesk.  Small boxes with tremendous umph.  For larger largess, you'll have to look forward to StereoDesk.


Crayon CMA-1



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