The Studio Oslo at the ColorScape Gallery

A good time was had by all at the exhibition at ColorScape Studios in Cambridge.  ColorScape is a gallery largely focused on the photographic works of Henri Louis Pingitore.  

During the festivities, people couldn't quite believe the level of delineation and 3 dimensionality of the music.  Interesting, as the photographs also have a very 3 dimensional feeling.  We were hooked right into a MacBook, right from the headphone out...we're talking about a real low-fi effort here.  Still Ancient Audio impressed!!!  Let's just say we sold more Studio Oslos than the artists sold photographs, (though I imagine people came back and purchased the artwork too)

We may do other varied events around town and in the future will post them so that the occasional audiophile can cross breed with those ensconced in other interests.  

Cheers from StereoDesk 

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