Ardán Audio

 Brent Smith of Ardán Audio is an engineers' engineer.  If his only contribution to the world of audio is going to stop with the Elevation Pro EVP-MI, he will have served the community well.  That said, one gets the feeling speaking with him that he's going to be improving our sound on many fronts.  He also possesses the air of someone who is perfectly satisfied with perfection.  On being told, what he spent on R and D for the EVP-MI, I wanted to give him a hug, for that sum is surely not recoverable.  However, what he learned from said R and D can be applied to many a fine device in years to come.  Such are the natures of passive and direct learning.

This is exactly the type of dedication to sound and ultimately MUSIC, that sets us a'tingle at StereoDesk.  Please check out the EVP-MI, you'll be glad you did.


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