Audeze is the brainchild of Alex Rossen and Sankar Thiagasamudram.  As it was explained to me, (see Tyll Hertsens more complete history here) they were headphone enthusiasts who decided they wanted to make a headphone of their own design.  Actually they set out to build the best headphone in the world.  Many would say they've succeeded.  

In our brief time courting them, (there are over 100 dealers in the que to carry Audeze.) we have witnessed Alex go from working part time on the venture, to 24 hours a day.  We've seen their staff go from 3-4 to 12 or more.  This is in a period of a few short months.

We are ecstatic to carry their products.  Each product is engineered art.  Currently their product line is comprised of two headphones; the LCD2 and the LCD3.  We look forward to what the company will produce next.  Their ethos and expertise would seem to require that whatever is next, it will not disappoint.  A big "thank you" for everyone at the Audeze team for your efforts and for your killer phones..   

Among the team I've had the pleasure of meeting thus far; Steve Hornbrook, (seen here with Tyll Hertsens of InnerFidelity at The Show at Newport), Mark Harper, seen below, the lovely Tasvee Uka who keeps everyone coloring between the lines, and Alex who lives and breaths his products.

 It's great fun to be in audio, due in large part to teams like yourself.  I'm off to listen to your phones...again.




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