Rare is a company that gets raves in so many facets along the audio chain.  From capacitors, to cable, to power chords, to conditioners, to their multi award winning speakers.  Audience understands how to bless the ears of the listener.  If you’re unsure as to their value in your system, try any cables or powerChords for a month, with a 100% refund option.  In our systems, the differences have been profound.  They also come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. 




Adept Response - aR6-TSS

$6,000.00 - $7,550.00

AUDIENCE au24 e & SE

$679.00 - $4,160.00

Audience Digital

$199.00 - $1,760.00

Audience powerChords

$395.00 - $885.00


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