Audio Prana, Teresonic, Rethm, KEF, and Sehring

 StereoDesk began subsequent to a little dream called Audio Prana.  After years of setting up friends and clients systems for fun, someone suggested I charge for the pleasure.  I didn't think much of it.  Later, I was procuring an amp for just such a friend, when the engineer asked if I would consider being their US importer.  An offer I was thankful for but declined.  

Then one night I was sitting talking to Carol, my better half, and she said that I seemed to light up when I was talking about, 'you know, all that stuff that puts me to sleep'.  Despite my my chit chat, and it's ability to cure insomnia in all but the similarly afflicted, one thing did hold true; getting people, (no matter their love of or complete lack of interest in audio), in front of a truly balanced system, never failed to impress.  Actually, I think most people don't like audio, because they've never heard a fine system.  It just so happens that technology has played along.  Now, more than ever before, one can attain reference audio at prices far below what was previously possible.  So the idea of Audio Prana was born.

For those of you who are unaware of Prana, it's direct meaning is 'flow', but it is also translated as 'life force'.  I had just taken a year off from a career in real estate to study hot hatha yoga before all this began, and the sanskrit was fresh in my mind.  I began to assemble in my mind those artist/engineers that I've always had reverence for...and so began my quest for the various flavors of audio that I love.  After failing to make our first location launch, I took time off and opened StereoDesk as I saw a niche that wasn't being addressed...the small system.

Well, low and behold Audio Prana is back on the block for a location in Cambridge, MA, and we're forming relationships.  Rethm, KEF, and Sehring to name a few.  Stay tuned for more...    


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