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Electronics from the mind of Akira Nagai.  His satri circuit has changed the level of immediacy available in amplification. 

The Amp-12r and it’s relatives in Bakoon’s 1 series; the EQA-11r, The BPS-02, and the HPA-21 headphone amp have been astonishing ears with each audition.  The reviews bear this out in no small fashion.  Indeed, the AMP-12R seems to be the new adoptee as the reviewers’ reference.  It has been a long studious road.  Nagai San’s circuit has been 25 years in the making.  He’s employed it in a number of models previous to the AMP-12R and the EQA-11R, and with each iteration, progress has been made.

With his current line, Nagai San has further improved the direct nature of what is a single stage circuit.  A single stage circuit is the sighting of the rarest of birds…think Asian Crested Ibis. Though the power output is only 15 watts for the AMP-12R, it’s very well damped.  We’ve seen it implemented with speakers as hard to drive as larger Rockports, and drive them to concert levels.  It’s tomblike  silence has also made it one of the industries most sought after headphone amplifiers, until the entrance of the HPA-21 redefined that genre.  We offer a 30 day money back guarantee with Bakoon as with many of our products.  It's important to see, just how good things can get.


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