Robert BastanisThe name Robert Bastanis has been around audio for many years.  You may have heard about him years ago as a successful dealer in Germany.  It has been in recent times that his name took off in a new life as a manufacturer of speakers.  Beginning in kits, (Robert loves music and wants everyone to be able to partake in what he knows is possible.) the Bastani speakers quickly established themselves as the darling of many a top reviewer. 'Dynamics, nuance, and musicality' are tell tale monikers associated with the brand. They are also very discerning and responsive to how they're fed.  Give them well harvested grapes, and you'll be in for the 61 Chateau LaTour. Feed them 'drive through', and they'll portray the MSG and horse hooves.  Even so, they remain imminently listenable regardless.  

One odd thing about the Bastani experience, was how developed the sound was even early on...Then you start to research and you see that this endeavor, kit or no, was something that must have been in R and D for some time. Purpose made capacitors, purpose made resistors.  Drivers that take months to treat and cure.  (there's a bit of secrecy to the procedure and when you hear them, you'll understand why.) 

Audio Prana and Bastanis crossed paths as a result of the new line of beautiful home speakers.  These new inventions are the work of Robert Bastanis, Mark Loewen, and Leo Greif.  Leo is in charge of the beautiful cabinets that are coming out of Canada.  The woodwork is gorgeous.  There is also a line of matching amplification and beautiful isolation credenzas.   (look for matching amps, speakers, credenza, and even the turntable plinth to find their way to Massachusetts. : )  Mark is the engine that got all of this off of the ground.  He's no stranger to a soldering iron and loves music in a way that would put him in a position of tremendous work to make this happen.

For many years Robert Bastanis was in the audio industry, before starting a dealership that lasted 12 years...(11 years longer than most hifi shops : )  It was then, that he decided life was too short, to be tied to products that were more concerned with niche or market, than the majesty of music.  So as he is want to do, he saw that the nearest path to no compromises was the one he would chisel out of his imagination and experience.  In essence, years in the business had likely been preening him towards what he knew was right and just. In his own words,

"I am very thankful that i can live this way and that many experienced customers with a long history in hifi are satisfied with the Bastanis products and keep them for very long time. For the Bastanis designs i mix up traditional pre WWII design- methods with modern technical possibilities and found my own unique methods to make wideband- speakers with big diameter- cones able to behave well and work fine with extended frequency- response without any of the typical restrictions of wideband- or fullrange driver- speakers. Most of the drivers are Bastanis- specific made to my specs and then the cones get in- house extensive handmade treatments in a longer process to reach a solitaire State of the Art quality- level.  


Mark, whose perseverance and vision finds Bastanis Speakers being assembled in Canada, had his beginning as a French horn player.  Gripped by life's realities, he ultimately decided to pursue his PhD in Chemistry rather than life as a professional horn player, and the world's perhaps a better place for it.  He is an environmental scientist of some note.  On the pic to your far left, you'll see Mark on the Tibetan Plateau, measuring accumulation of persistent organic pollutants and trace metals, and to the right returned to 'urban life'.  Like the best scientists, he has one part of his being ensconced in what works, and the other bathed in the light of imagination and what is yet possible.  He thinks, and we heartily agree, that music can change lives.



We are very excited about working with Robert and Mark and bringing the Bastanis' sound to the masses.  






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