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Sven Boenicke is a happy amalgamation of talents.  Sven has spent untold hours recording live music in concert halls. He has then been present in the studio as these projects were brought to bear.  In a sense, it may have been his dedication to the first two endeavors which brought him to the fore as a speakers designer.  It's as though he couldn't stand to have his recordings presented in a fashion that made them less than from whence they came. INTEGRITY... And so was born Boenicke Audio some 20 years past.

Therefore Sven looks equally at home running wire, adjusting mics, working a mixing board, OR hand finishing a speaker, programming a cnc router, and perhaps most importantly, dreaming up a design that has to now never existed.  However, Sven's most unique trait is his inspiration.  His unwillingness to compromise has brought about some truly singular creations.  There is an organic nature in Sven's speakers.  They are tone incarnate, yet fully defined.  The parts quality are quite simply beyond reproach.  Even more notable are the ways in which they are employed.  Mid range is run full range, and even in multi driver, multi way speakers, he never uses more than a capacitor in the signal path.  To the lay person, this may read as blah blah blah...blah.  But to someone like myself who has attempted in the past to build a speaker or two, I can assure you it's ridiculously hard.  Lastly, the insistence upon making these creations, carving their venting, from massive blocks of wood.  I assure you, you will hear every detail.

Look for the rest of Sven's line here in the near future.   Sound reproduction at the intersection of soul and science. 



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