Clive Meakins of Enjoy the Music, Raves Over The iFi-Micro i-DAC, i-Phono, and i-USB

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"Treble sparkled and tinkled without being bright, it was just right. Stage width was as good as I'm used to, depth was more typically solid-state, not bad but not quite up with what tube phonostages can do. Connecting up my F-117 Nighthawk gave very similar results except that the treble exhibited a trace of harshness, this confirmed the lingering doubt I'd always harbored about the Nighthawk's treble being only close to great. Given the price differential and the iPhono's additional facilities this was a result for the iPhono."

"For those who need equalization flexibility, sub-bass filtering and gain options the iPhono could justify twice its asking price. For those who don't need these options the iPhono is still a great bargain that can see off higher priced phonostages. The only proviso I would make is that if you need to tame a bright setup the iPhono won't help you out. For the vast majority of record playing systems it will be a tremendous asset."

The i-DAC and i-USB tie the previous winner of the Enjoy the Music DAC Shootout, or a few hundred less than the competition.

"The sound I heard with the iDAC and iUSBPower with JPLAY v5.1 was spacious side-to-side and deep front-to-back. The soundstage was in no way limited to the location of the speakers. Focus was excellent with good placement of instruments and vocals within the soundstage, each having their own place."

" Frankly with the iFI products it is hard to go wrong, they are thoughtfully designed, produced and presented. Their sound quality exceeds expectations for their price points and indeed well-beyond their price points."

-Clive Meakins, Enjoy the Music

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