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Damon Coffman loves music.  He loves it so much he became a musician.  When you work that hard to learn something, it becomes part of your gate, the way you talk, the way you listen, the way you interpret the world around you.  You can hear his love of music when he talks about the latest symphony he attended, or a performance that he listens to again and again.  Not surprisingly, there is a similar harmony of tone when he speaks of his daughter, Madelaine (the pride is palpable and contagious) who aside from being a talented opera singer and passionate promoter of the genre (see here), is also a valued member of Coffman Labs, for both her ears and her design sense.


Damon's engineering prowess flows form the same spring as his love of music.  It's about caring enough to put in the squeeze, poke and prod until that hint of magic that you know resides in the music, is accessible when you hear it through his mechanism...and Damon builds things to last.  His soldering is of the type taught for point to point work in the military, where lives are at stake if a solder joint fails.  His circuits are born from years of playing with possibilities.  We are very pleased and proud to have his creations here for your enjoyment.  Hand-made,open and opulent, they serve the music.  


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