DEVIALET The movie (French - English subtitles) from Devialet on Vimeo.


The sensation that is Devialet marks a new era.  From our initial contact with these svelte French beauties, there was a sense of awe.  Not owning it became a mild angst, an unforgivable inconvenience, for after all she has lines built to be wandered across by fingers, yet not mine.  Now the angst has faded.  The entire family took to her like seals to water.  And amidst such ease and alacrity was true reference sound.  The interface was something that I mastered in an hour o two, while my 6 year old niece needed far less time.  "They're with us, Tio Fred." was her comment.  Yes, Dear, they are...

Devialet was not waiting to be dreamt of, Devialet gave us the gift of a new dream.  How often do we get that, a new dream.  There are now 4 Devialet Music Systems from which to choose.  One or the other will accommodate most systems.  They've even begun having digital crossovers to compliment various speakers already on the market.  Please contact us for that list of speakers.  Pierre-Emmanuel, thank you for sharing your dream.  We're already making great use of it.  


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