Floor Standing Speakers

Occasionally one's needs crest into the world of floorstanding designs.  Whether it's due to desiring a coherent visual line, (not a monitor on a stack of books) or the grander cubic volume of a lager cabinet, or the realization that those first two octaves at the bottom of the scale contribute more than you're willing to do without. (if you truly need a stand mount monitor, we can match subs most effectively)

The floorstanders represented here are all for medium to smaller room applications.  In other words, very small by comparison.  We do have many larger designs on our Audio Prana web site.  

Aside from being easily placed, several also have adjustable bass, so the problem of room over-loading, so common in smaller venues, can be addressed with the turn of a knob. You get your room and your bass...real delineated bass.

 So here they are:  Full Range Sound, with all of the glory and none of the drawbacks.



SoundKaos Skiny 16

$8,427.00 - $9,432.00


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