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(By Boenicke)

You may recall the diminutive Boenicke SLS speaker making waves a few years ago.  It won several awards and was purchased by Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons after an audition.  Well enter the larger brother, the SLS 2.

The Boenicke SLS 2 is a reference level active loudspeaker.  It's svelte frame, (all of about 6 inches) belies its phenomenal output capability.  Sporting 4, 10 inch woofers, 2, 4 inch flat mid drivers (each with the output capability closer to an 8 inch mid driver), and 1 ambient mid tweeter per speaker, it's output can be nothing less than deafening.  We know, we measured it from the safety of the driveway outside of our listening room.  125 db at 8 ft. seemed to pose no problem.  We didn't take it any further.  We have neighbors and anything else would have been beside the point.  The point isn't just large dynamic swings, the point is making those swings in super speedy phase and time alignment.  

Aside from being the loudest speaker we've had in the listening room, it's also among the top in articulation, which includes some top electrostatic and ribbon designs.  The stage is Cavernous, with a capital C.  The tone is as natural as the hardwood that Sven Boenicke has carved it from...There is another element of this speaker that I'm almost loath to address, if only because such statements aren't necessarily in vogue when it comes to über reference products.  We must be serious after all;  We're talking rosin from the bow gently caressing the ground exactly 3.2 seconds after the stroke occurred, all pointedly taken note of from my gyro positioned listening chair.  The point being is that the Boenicke SLS 2 is quite simply the most fun loudspeaker I've ever encountered.  It can play softly, keeping it's continuity and place, and when called upon can flat out boogie...massive transients are heard with all of their shadings.  The SLS 2 is quite simply a masterful design by an artist who is doing something wholly his own. 

In addition to being a new reference, the Boenicke is also simple to operate.  There are 4 DSP preset electronic crossover points for various rooms.  The DSP can also be used to tailor the speaker to your room in for very specific applications by using an included DSP board into one of our computers.

We are selling the Boenicke SLS 2 as a system, for the enthusiast who wants the best there is (at substantially less than other top reference offerings) as a complete system operational from an ipad.  The price includes a reference digital solution from ReQuest Audio, cabling and power solutions from Waveform Cable, and professional installation.  It can be heard in Massachusetts.  Please Contact us for an appointment.

*the pic with Sven Boenicke is with the SLS cutout, to give you and idea of the intricacies of its bigger brother the SLS 2

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