Gallo Joins StereoDesk

We're thrilled to have Gallo aboard!!!  I've always been a fan of the Round Sound, but with the new SE Models, Anthony Gallo has really turned a corner.  That seems to be a theme with my favorite speaker designers...when they get to a certain point, they realize that making their own drivers is the only way to get to the next plateau.  Jacob George of Rethm, Stephan Sehring of Sehring, Anthony Gallo of Gallo, KEF, John McDonald of Clairaudient, Manuel Podszus of Zellaton, and Inès Adler of Voxativ have all come to that conclusion and their products have crested the competition as a result.  Of course there are many many others.  These come to mind because they're on our must have list, as we grope forward, one aural and business decision at a time.

We only sell Gallo locally, so they'll be listed here without pricing info, and we ask that you contact us for a demo.  Once our brick and mortar is open, we'll just ask that you stop by and they'll be listed on our sister site,, of like local products. 

The Strada's are near-field kings.  Come have a listen.

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