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(By HiFiMAN)

"For HE-6 fans all is finally as it should be. Now they truly have one of the very best headphones money can buy." Srajan Ebaen of 6 MOONS

"Likewise, the EF-6 is very expensive and, unlike many lower-cost amps, doesn’t have a built-in DAC. But once you hear it what the EF-6 can do with the HE-6, it seems essential rather than merely expensive.

The HE-6 and EF-6 are definitely pricey. But what price excellence? As Will so aptly put it, “Every minute you spend with them is quality time.” Brent Butterworth-Sound and Vision

"I could not believe the sound quality with the HiFiMAN HE-300 and the HE-500, but most of all the HE-6, top designs from this manufacturer which so far only suggested their potential. I listened to them paired with dozens of amps and only in a few cases got somewhat of a full response. Still, always limited by something, somehow conditioned. The AMP11R and the HE-6 is a unique combination, without the need to justify anything, without having to extrapolate what I hear and relating it to my previous experience." -Wojciech Pacuła- Hi Fidelity Poland

The HE-6 is one of the few great headphones on the market.  The Fostex TH-900, The Jecklin Float, The Sennheiser HD-800, the Top Stax models, and perhaps a few others I'm forgetting.  It's in that league yet comes gets there for far fewer pesos.  THE caveat of most any great headphone is if you really want to know what it's capable of, you better feed it from very fine electronics.  If you aren't prepared to get he EF-6, or a Bakoon, or other top headphone amp, you'll be better off with another choice.  That said, if you are willing to invest in a fine amp and source, you'll understand in an instant, just how good things truly get.  Our hats are off to what Fang Bian has done at all of his price points and even more so for what he's accomplished with the HE-6 and it's wonderful partner the EF-6.


Frequency Response: 8 to 65 KHz
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Efficiency: 83.5 DB
Weight: 502 g


Leather storage box
OCC(single crystal copper) 4pin XLR cable *1 (2 m / 6 ft)
OCC XLR to 6.5mm headphone plug adapter *1 (1m / 3 ft)
Headphone cable connector *2
Leather earpad one pair(on the headphone), velour earpad one pair for backup


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