Press Release: iCAN with User-Selectable Gain. Just Perfect for IEMs to Planars

Here at iFi, we do not rest on our laurels. The one single “wish list item” by our customers, was a “user-selectable gain” so that both very high sensitivity In-Ear-Monitors as well as hard-to-drive high impedance “Pro” models alike are also able to utilise the full range of the analogue volume control system.

Shipping now (from serial number MICROCxxx onwards), 0dB, 10dB and 20dB gain at the flick of a few dip switches located on the underside of the iCAN.

Available now at US$259 (ex-tax)/Euro 259 (incl tax).

Exchange Policy
For all iCAN users since the launch in October 2012 wishing to have the extra gain control, there is a one-off upgrade fee of US$50/Euro40 (plus shipping) to exchange your unit. Please contact your retailer.

(note: the only change is the gain switch)

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