custom in ear monitors

There's no better stealth hifi than the sound coming from a custom in ear monitor.  We're so completely sold on the advantages (both in sonics and comfort) of custom fitted monitors over earbuds or in-ear-monitors that we've stopped selling ear buds.  No more fiddling to get good suction, nor reaching up to re-plant them while jogging.  And if those aren't reasons enough, the sound is just better.  We're also enjoying a renaissance in mobile fidelity that makes the fitting and purchase seamless, and with several options for most budgets.

We can recommend various practitioners who can make molds of your ears in your area.  If you happen to be in the Greater Boston Area, you can also stop by on Thursdays from 5-8 for a fitting, free with the purchase of certain specified CIEMs.

Once you go 'custom', you'll never go back.

Check back with us this Summer to take advantage of our new CIEM catalogue.

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