The first time you hear a Manger driver, something new begins in your life.  There is no other portrayal quite like it.  We are not alone in recognizing their uniqueness; Alkemia Vero, Siblatone, and Overkill Audio have designed their cost no object speakers around the Manger Driver.  Since our first interaction with the driver some 15 years ago, we have looked for those who employ it with the care and attention with which the driver itself is made.  In recent times, we haven't had to look too far, as Manger has come into their own with both passive and active designs. Their active designs in particular are a tremendous value.  Don't miss the opportunity to hear what this driver is capable of...if presence and space are a part of your listening priorities, start here.  Josef Manger invented these drivers some 20 years ago.  They remain one of the few great drivers ever conceived.  Daniela, Josef's daughter and an accomplished engineer in her own right, continues the line with her own fine contributions.

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