We're excited at having formed a relationship with Mark and Daniel!!  Very few floorstanders can produce the bass the SX-Woofer is capable of in a monitor.  More importantly is the implementation of the air motion transformers, which produce the majority of the signal, thereby keeping the crossover point out of harms way.   Marble cabinets seal the deal, for an inert accurate speaker that will give you high to low in most any setting.  And do they image!!!

Of particular joy to StereoDesk is the Maximus-Opal-Air4.  In a joint venture with NuForce, Mark and Daniel has created an active streaming speaker, using NuForce's proprietary streaming technology which shreds wifi.  All the bits are in place as you can stream digital signal to the back of the speaker where it will be fed via Nuforce's Air DAC into the Maximus.  Additionally, there is a place for an analog input, and controls for tone, especially handy should you be mounting the speaker near the ceiling or on-wall.

You can also special order M&D in most any color to match decor.  Now that's hifi advancement...simple to use, easy on the eyes, and phenomenal tailored sound quality.  You can also set up several Opal Air 4's to run in tandem.   4 speakers to fill all but the most massive spaces.  Hey, it's M and D, it moves air!!


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