Upon beginning my audio business, I was told by Bill Peugh of Fine Sounds (Audio Research, Wadia, McIntosh, Sumiko, Project etc.) that the best thing about the audio business is the people in it.  This may actually be true.  Add to that, the accessibility factor that almost no business I'm familiar with enjoys and you have a unique set of circumstances.   For instance, if I have a technical question about an iFi-Micro product, as often as not, Thorsten Loesch is the one providing the answer.  The open door policy that the greats initiated seems to have filtered down to the present day.  A big thanks goes out to those who have kept that spirit alive and brought it to a new generation: Nelson Pass, Ralph Karston, and many many others.   So here is the present list of those I've discerningly sought out, and those that frankly, I feel fortunate to represent.  The list is growing, between StereoDesk and our sister business Audio Prana.  It's a very exciting time, and we're seeing a new group of talented engineers that are doing some amazing things to change the way we enjoy our music.

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