Pure Power

Damian and Richard Janzen, (Son and Father / President and Head Engineer respectively), are mildly annoying to work with.  They insist on keeping prices basement parked, (especially considering their performance) and there is very little 'bling' in their presentations.  It's all very cut and dried and scientific.  "Our A/C regenerators work especially well at making certain you get clean a/c to your components. Unlike being plugged into the wall, or even some transformered monster A/C purifier, our regenerators will even improve your dynamics."  Admittedly, I flowered that up by throwing in 'monsters'.  Basically, they just tell you why, in actual scientific fact, their units make your stereo sound better.  Then you try it, only to find, everything they said is identifiable in a few short minutes of listening.  As bloodless retailers, we will try to get them to raises their prices.  We'll try to get them to have their units blessed by Monks and Priests and we'll charge heartily for it.  We will continue to try and corrupt them into making some real money.  In the meantime, you could just get in on the ground floor of the best sounding A/C purification we've heard.  No loss of dynamics, no smear.  The improvement is handled by a brilliant filtering circuit, but even more ingenious is the combining of a certain amount of DC (from the included battery modules) to make certain that regardless of what is asked for by your power hungry audio, it always sees a perfect 120v/60Hz load.  That my friends, changes everything.

The only other a/c work we like more is about 9 times the cost, and only for the most committed power designs.  If you fall into that category, please contact us here for a consultation.  Otherwise, welcome home to a power solution that has no detractors and makes a marked difference.  





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