Architects are an odd lot.  Having a mind that is constantly constructing and deconstructing the space around you has a fallout.  One element of said fallout is a strong opinion about the way things work and don’t work, born from the contexts of hundreds of variables, experience, and personal taste.  Some variables you know innately, (your sense of space), while others you’ve collected from being faced with decades of problems in need of solutions, (space and function bound and gagged by the foes of scale and reality, yet waiting for you to set them free).  Few endeavors in life require such bi-partisan participation from your left and right brain as architecture.

However speaker design isn’t far behind.  So when an architect such as Jacob George; music lover, artisan, and engineer, throws in his lot to design musical transducers to touch the soul, while being real world applicable and real world affordable, the least we can do is give them a listen.

We enter this story, already 12 years in the telling.  Mr. George’s quest for his level of acceptability, (which most mortals would term ‘perfectionism’), led to Rethm not only designing their own speakers, but all ancillaries save the source components.  Such is his dedication to his vision to achieve a specific harmony, which, not by chance, is the meaning of ‘Rethm’ in Sanskrit.

Within the first few moments of communicating with Jacob, his  love of music was apparent.  The way he talks adoringly about texture, tone, but more pointedly the emotion of music, informs you immediately, that he would never put a product on the market, that hadn’t touched him.  Such passion and a directive of tremendous value sets him far afield of the ‘me too’ products that litter the marketplace.  Perhaps that’s why people seem to keep their Rethms, not to be heard from again around the hifi merry-go-round.

To thine own self be true…and from that place we reap the benefits of the agile mind of a perfectionist.  If you haven’t heard Rethm Speakers and Amplifiers, I admonish you to contact us for a demo.  They will bring the musical event to you, in a way that is beguiling.

Rethm Maarga



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