Servers & Transports

The best sound to be had in today's world that doesn't involve a needle, an arm, and cleaning, or 13 hifi recordings for a reel to reel, is the server/dac combo.  If you believe that a computer is just as good, I would simply ask that you bring your computer to a nearby server and dac, and swap back and forth between it and said purpose made server.

Servers can also be as versatile as you need them to be.  Do you need zones in your house? Check.  Do you need everything to run from your iPad, iPhone, iBrain...err yes, we can do that.  Would you like to incorporate hi-def video into the package...super hi rez for both music and movies, live streamed concerts, 3d? check check check check.  All of this can be experienced in a way that is on a new plane of excellence.  

Once set up, it's also a breeze to run...iBrain.


Aria Mini

$3,200.00 - $4,800.00


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