Shure Incorporated

Way back in 1925 in Chicago, Sidney N. Shure founded The Shure Radio Company.  They sold radio parts and kits before the days when radios became readily available fully assembled.  By1928 Shure was doing well with his venture and had over 75 employees.  His brother, Samuel Shure came to work for the company and so it was re-named Shure Brothers Company, as it remained until a few years after Sidney's passing at the age of 93, when it became Shure Incorporated.  Shure witnessed the 20th century, but not from the sidelines.  They survived the Great Depression at first by distributing a microphone and then by becoming one of 4 microphone manufacturers in the US.  They went on to do many of the mics and headsets for the military in the Second World War.  Devices they produced were not only audio devices but also medical devices like the 66A piezoelectric stethophone, to better diagnose chest ailments.  They patented the first phonograph cartridge that could play both 78 and 33 rpm records, and in 1956 produced the first wireless microphone for entertainers to use.

During their peak, Shure produced 28,000 phonograph cartridges per day. 

Shure is history, but Shure is and has always been, builders of a future.  Shure has been making personal monitoring systems since the 40s and IEMs (change in name for a part of their monitoring system) since 1997, or about 73 years before it became cool.  Their headphones date back since before most of us were born...back before the term 'headphone' was used to describe a headphone.  They may have been headsets, or head monitors.  Anyone with better historical info please chime in.

So, it's an honor of to represent a company with such lineage.  The no-nonsense, value driven tech that carried this company through 88 years of business and into more countries than not on the globe, is still part and parcel of how they do business.

One listen to their reference headphones or reference IEMs and you have to do a double take.  Perhaps that's part of the downside of having a name that's been around so long.  People aren't expecting you to still be cutting edge.  Well people, Shure's still innovating, they're still cutting edge, and they're still a tremendous value against the sky-line of other.

Sid would be pretty pleased I imagine...maybe not satisfied, but pleased.



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