small floor-standing speakers

The world of speakers has to some degree gone topsy turvy.  There was a time when a monitor on a stand was only good for a small room.  Bass extension was something that came from your neighbor's garage and stacked coffin like speakers, shouting and challenging all who pass.  In today's homes, with modern magnets, superior cone materials, and clever loading, most small monitors can satisfy most rooms.  Only in larger rooms or heavily damped rooms, does increased interior cubic volume of a speakers begin to become necessary.(given that we're referring to our line of speakers : )  

A great option for those who want even more projection and range is the small floor-stander.  Taking up no more room than most monitors with a stand, the small floor-stander has room for a few more drivers, or perhaps even a horn of some kind.  These small floor standing speakers, can load even larger rooms with aplomb.  In fact, for a speaker like the Boenicke W8, we believe they satisfy even grand rooms with most genres.  

Also, if you come in late at night, you don't mistake one for a giant intruder lurking in the corner of the room.  

 HOWEVER, If moderate size won't suffice, if your room is heavily damped, or you just want to play music at 125db, we can accommodate you on our sister site, audioprana.

SoundKaos Skiny 16

$8,427.00 - $9,432.00


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