The Non Refund

During my time in audio there are a few key words that keep me in good sound.  One is 'synergy' and the other is 'experience'.

That's one of the reasons why I feel justified in being easy going about returns.  It's not easy for everyone to have access to gear, and without access how can they assess what it will sound like in their system.

That said, I hope to advise people in general terms wherein my experience can serve as a guideline...what is experience other than making mistakes over a period of time.  Still, today I refused my first refund.  When I first received the item back, I thought it was a friend pulling my leg.  It was missing 2/3's of the box and had a piece of card board taped on top.  There was no manual, no usb cable, no warranty card, no cable for squeezebox users, the power cord was cut open, and the i-usb itself was covered in grease.

Upon further investigation, it appears the item was not actually purchased from me...a further reason not to handle it.  The client had purchased other items from me and we'd had friendly discourse, so saying 'no refund' didn't come naturally.  Then again, he wasn't forthcoming about not having purchased the item from me.  So, it's a sad day in Audio Land, cause he's been a fairly nice guy.   Here are the pics:



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