An oft left-out field of expertise in Vinyl-ville, is the much misunderstood tonearm.  Do you want the tonearm to add tone?  Do you want nothing but the sound of the cartridge? Do you really have a choice?  My table is suspended, which tonearm will work best, or not at all?  We take some of the guess work out of the equation by carrying a few tables which come with their own engineered in-house tonearm. (Think Continuo, Klimo, Thales)  Still there are those  that require a grand addition.  There are enough variables that we sport several exquisite choices.  From the renowned offerings of Frank Schröder, to the delectable arms by Isamu Ikeda, to the perfectly engineered arms by Franc Kuzma.  We also offer some incredible linear trackers by request, like those from Kuzma and London Decca.  The vinyl is ours for the taking, and spinning them has never been better!!




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