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Sasa Cokic is the heart and soul of Trafomatic Audio.  With 26 creations in recent years, you can tell this is a man with something to say and the circuit lexicon to say it.  Call it a maniacal OCD complex beyond recall scouring the earth for circuits on a caffeine high.  Like other exceptional tube amp artists, Sasa winds his own iron.  In fact, when Trafomatic was founded in 1997, that was their primary product, specialized transformers for others uses. 

It was only 7 or 8 years ago that the only way we became truly immersed in playback was with the tone, space and presence that tubes provided, usually an SET mated to a high efficiency driver.  A few years later saw the upstart of some renegade solid state circuit masters who decimated that idea with some very original creations.

( Above partner Mica Despotovic and 11-year assemblage/wiring expert Goran Blazic,bookending Sasa)

Shortly thereafter, it was considered by many that a precipice had been reached and that only incremental steps of excellence would be achieved in either discipline likely by better parts or alchemies. Of course, this is a supposition often arrived at after a rush of innovation.  It's rarely true.  More likely is that it's almost impossible for us to imagine better than what is our best effort until we are confronted with the physical reality.  Well, you don't have to imagine.  You have Trafomatic.  A few moments in front of his reference gear is really all it takes for you to become acquainted with the reality that until that moment was impossible.

Welcome Sergeant First Class William James of Serbia, disarming amplification and creating new boundaries.  Look for Trafomatic's reference offerings in our upcoming website in 03/2014.




Trafomatic T2+ Headphone Amp

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