Seiji Yoshioka has been making gorgeous landmark cartridges since the dawn of time.  Okay, maybe not since the dinosaurs, but a long time nonetheless.  The by line says something about their being natural and natural they are.  They also happen to be stupendous values among the pantheon of fabulous cartridges.  Seiji san is Master (and perhaps inventor) of the yokeless design.As in many things, experience informs progress.  With the new line of cartridges in hand from Seiji san, this is demonstrably true.  Never has a group of 3 cartridges been so universally hailed and held high.  Do one thing.  Do it well.  These cartridges bring the event to us with the original soul that was intended.  Don't take our word for it, Michael Fremer paints the picture for us when describing the Proteus in a recent rave of a review.  "Rather than cite more examples that demonstrate the Proteus's greatness with a laundry list of albums you might not have, let me just say that it excelled in every parameter I can think of, with no negatives I could find."  He goes on to compare it to cartridges at twice the coin with no sonic advantages.  Life is good.  The best is in reach.  If we're lucky to have the Proteus, the Axia and Phoenix are phenoms of value, and a constant recommendation on our lips. 


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