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Those who know the Wadia sound and have longed for a solution a bit closer to earth, need not wait longer.  The Wadia 121 distills much of the grandeur of Wadia’s upper echelon products.  They make an amazingly resolving and soul satisfying system matched with Ancient Audio’s Studio Oslo, that for many will meet all their desires.  It also has an excellent headphone amplifier built in.

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2/28/13-Steven Stone of The Absolute Sound compares The Wadia 121 to the Wyred4Sound Dac2, the NuForce DAC 100, the iFi-Micro iCAN, and even the $3500 April Music Eximus DP-1:

"When I A/B’d the two DACs’ (the Wyred4Sound DAC 2) own built-in “native” USB implementations I preferred the Wadia 121...Both DACs had equal amounts of inner detail and musical information, but the Wadia 121 did a better job of defining each instrument’s outer edges and fleshing out its relative dimensions within the soundstage."

"I thought the NuForce and Wadia were extremely close in sound quality with the edge going to the Wadia 121."  and regarding it's headphone amp: "

To find a worthy sonic competitor for the Wadia 121’s headphone amplifier I had to move up in price to the new IFI Micro iCAN from Abington Musical Research ($249). With both the Beyer DT-880 and Ultimate Ears In Ear Reference Monitors the Wadia 121 came out on top, but not by much. The Wadia created a slightly larger soundstage and had better dynamic contrast than the IFI amp.  To find a superior headphone amplifier I had to go to the headphone amplifier inside the April Music Eximus DP-1 ($3495). But when you listen to the Wadia’s headphone amplifier by itself, without the A/B comparisons, it’s hard to fault its presentation."

Tom Lyle from Enjoy the Music summated with:

“The Wadia 121 Decoding Computer is the best affordable digital-to-analog converter that I’ve ever heard. No, I have not heard every affordable DAC on the planet – and there are new DACs in all shapes, sizes, and prices being released even as we speak. But given their track record, it is a safe bet that Wadia has not only put a lot of thought into the design of the Wadia 121, but this DAC won’t be bested by any DAC for quite a few years to come  – unless one is willing to spend quite a bit more than the Wadia 121′s very reasonable asking price. The Wadia 121 looks great, sounds great, and is flexible enough for use in any system, from a budget desktop system to the most demanding two-channel set-ups. This one isn’t leaving my system, not for quite a while. ” read the full review.

Michael Lavorgna of Audio Stream:

“To my way of listening, the Wadia 121Decoding Computer jumps right onto my short list of recommended components. It strikes me as being at once refined yet not overly resolute, with a voice that sounds like music. Sweet music. I enjoyed every listening minute spent regardless of the recording or its associated quality. That said, well-recorded music can be especially stunning through the 121 so whether you like to stroll through the valley of the bells, swing with Ella and Louis, sway with Bob Marley and the Wailers, sing along with Tom Waits (as bad as me), sink into a sweet sullen state with Schubert, Sinatra or Syd Barrett, or raze the roof with Einstürzende Neubauten or John Lee Hooker, the Wadia 121Decoding Computer may very well have your ticket to ride.”  (read full review)

Frank Berryman-Ultra High-End Review wrote: 

“Wadia, well known for producing some of the finest digital playback equipment available since the earliest days of the medium, has brought its considerable talents to bear in producing a DAC which is operationally bullet-proof at an unexpectedly modest price. This is not simply another DAC-in-the-box with off-the-shelf parts and a marketing slogan, but a component with highly sophisticated software realized in DSP which has been decades in the making, coupled with an analog section which, to my ears, is completely transparent. And with no separate preamplifier needed, your budget for speakers has just doubled. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”read full review

and Jeff Dorgay of Tone Audio seals the consensus:

“October . 2012…we’ve determined that the Wadia 121 is more than worthy of one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2012. Whether seeking a high performance DAC or a fully functioning digital preamplifier to build your system around, your search is over.” read the full review

From Wadia:

Wadia’s newest digital statement

The Wadia 121decoding computer is a high performance DAC/digital preamplifier with a complete set of digital inputs, balanced analog outputs, digital volume control, and a headphone output section. Just connect your iTransport, Computer, Streaming Audio source, or any other digital source and experience exceptional audiophile quality sound.

Audio signals are processed using Wadia’s DigiMaster™ patented up sampling and filtering technology. The Wadia 121decoding computer also features a clock linked asynchronous USB input for jitter free playback of music from your computer. All inputs including USB accept up to 24-bit/192kHz input data rates. The Wadia 121decoding computer provides true balanced and single ended analog outputs. An exceptional headphone amplifier section delivers an unsurpassed personal listening experience.



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