Capital Audio Festival and StereoDesk

This coming week marks StereoDesk's first big splash at a show.  It just kind of happened.  Things lined up as if planned, and it became impossible to resist.  It is our hope that these offerings will highlight some of our ideas about various paths to great sound.  Though each with their own technical ethos, all of our systems can transport you to that place...that place where you and the performers share moments together.  We at StereoDesk believe this can happen without the decimation of your environment or decor.  In fact, we believe that the synergy of equipment goes beyond impedance measurements, and that the more tuned in your environment is, the better your listening will be.  Here's a partial line-up of our efforts.

We are happy to be debuting a number of products.  By the way, the show is at the Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel, 8777 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD, 20910, there's more information here.  We're going to be in Rooms 710 and 712 as well as in the Lobby and in the Magnolia Ballroom.

In an effort to avoid the age old practice of leaving the cable guy to the very end, I'd like to say that all power and cabling done for our rooms and in the lobby, was done by Paul Kaplan.  Paul is Kaplan Cable, and has been designing and building power solutions and cables for some years.  The artistic engineers, tend to want his cables and power.  Nothing sounds nearly as good as it could without great power and cables...Thanks Paul!! We look forwarding to carrying your cables post show!!  


iFi-Micro is handling all digital cabling and USB Power. (other goodies too)  We adore iFi-Micro.  Amazing ROI for the dollar and a joy to listen to; Darren and Bonnie Censullo,Vincent Luke, and of course Thorsten Loesch, without your help this show would have been impossible.  I am in your debt literally and figuratively.




Making their debut in Room 712 are new electronics from Crayon Audio and Roland Krammer.  Featuring Roland's long awaited CCD-1, a streaming cd/dac, that has tiered pcb's to handle digital conversion.  Also debuting is a new version of his CFA-1 integrated, which near doubles the output of the original with improvements in circuit and power supply. The original CFA-1 was no slouch, winning a Blue Moon Award.  Receiving that signal will be the lovely speakers from Massimo Costa, the Albedo Sound HL2.2s    We finally found a ceramic speaker that we can love.  It also employs the most advanced and original solution to transmission lines that we've ever heard...(making placement, stereodesk approved.)  The full line from Albedo Sound will be available to hear at StereoDesk this Fall.  All USB Power and USB Cables are, Of Course iFi-Micro!!  We'll also have the Wyred4Sound Dac 2 DSDse on hand, and let me tell you it's stellar.  It's great to be a W4S dealer.           ( local to New England)




In room 710, we'll be debuting a number of products from Emia;

Perma Alloy mesh plate 50 mono blocks, the Emia Phono Stage, and their Remote Attenuator.

From Analog Instruments Limited the Apparition 12 Tone Arm and a one of a kind Garrard 301 the plinth for which was milled from a solid block of brass. "Thank you" Ijaz Kahn for the arms (the Apparition and the Schroeder!!) and for the Garrard.  We're hoping Ijaz imports the Apparition to the US!!  Thank you Robin Wyatt for the Shilabe cartridge!!

The speakers will be The Teresonic Magus Monitors; Mike Zivkovic's answer to psychoacoustics.  The Magus expands upon what small speakers can do in my experience.  Look for them on Ardan Stands.  For digital in this room we will have a Musica Pristina Server and perhaps a look at their new tube output reference dac, the Transducer.  A big thanks goes out to everyone who came together for this room.  Dave Slagle in particular...Dave, this show wouldn't have happened without you.  


Speaking of Dave Slagle, manning the lobby, on a gorgeous Kanso Hamoni Rack will be Dave, his strain guage cartridge from Emia, the Debut of the reference headphone effort from Crayon Audio The CHA-1, and the Saskia Idler Wheel Turntable with a Schroeder Reference Arm.  This is about a $75k headphone set up, and should be fun for the whole family.  Headphone duties will be handled by the Audeze LCD3 and the HiFIMAN HE-6.  I've heard this set up and it's pretty hard to fathom...super good while being super fun.



In the Magnolia Ballroom there's more Headfi.  We'll have tables for Astell and Kern, Bakoon, Burson, HiFiMAN, iFi-MIcro, and Mal Valve. Please bring your own cans.  We'll have many on hand, but it's always nice to bring your reference with you.  Feel free to bring some tunes too...on an SD Card, Micro SD card, or a USB Stick.  Digital will be handled by Burson, iFi-Micro, Musica Pristina, Metrum Acoustics, and Wadia!!



We're looking forward to a great show!!


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