Everybody loves a deal.  We love deals.  Deals with good customer service are even better. Our policies at StereoDesk, (and we believe the policies of our colleagues in the biz) are formed from our manufacturer/importer/dealer agreements.  The result is that most items when paired with another item, can be discounted 20%.  This does not include Metrum, Stax and Ifi. Their costs of manufacture are rather high vs. what we pay.  You could say that their 'deal' is inherent.  

Contact us prior to making your purchase and we'll not only guide you toward the best audio choice for your space, we'll also discuss what deals are available.  Trust me when I tell you the age old golden ratios of commerce don't apply to what we carry.  We carry what we love and what gives us the biggest thrill to hear.  It is our hope that you'll hear the dedication to music that is in our choices, and that they bring you that much closer to yours.

Thanks from all of us here at StereoDesk.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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