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For many people, the journey to exquisite sound is a long and winding path.  As such, we find ourselves often asked if we can take in this or that item on trade.  We do our best to accommodate our clientele in this matter and offer one of the most pliable trade-in policies available.  After all, audio nirvana shouldn't eviscerate one's wallet entirely, nor is it time savvy or practical for the unindoctrinated to enter into the selling and shipping of sensitive items.  To that end, we try to make changing your audio course a bit less painstaking.  We take in your current line and give you a fair trade in value towards your new audio goals.  If you're in New England, we can also make arrangements to come and pick up your older gear 

before installing your new system.
See below for a current list of our trade-ins for sale.  To purchase or get information, just contact us.
The Bakoon Amp 11R is such a wonderful piece.  This one is in pristine shape and includes the stand.  Aside being a pure source to the event, it also has a tremendous headphone so good that Audeze has used it as a reference for some time now.  Come hear why.  Here's a short video by way of example.  This was a fun moment, pairing the $40k Boenicke W20SE speakers with the little (but mighty) Bakoon Amp 11R. Even with the difficult impedance, the Bakoon shown beautifully, with all of the inner detail a good single stage amp promises. We have a small system pairing the Bakoon Amp12r with their wonderful phono stage and the Wilson Benesche Circle 25. Both units on their own small podiums feeding some small horns-what a sound. Till we get that on film, here's something to whet your appetite.


TakeT H2+ and Trafomatic T2+ combo.  We have a trade in from a client who's decided to order one of our cost no object headphone rigs (north of $30k).  With trepidation he offered us back our beloved H2+ and T2+.  The retail on these is generally $4050.  Get this hardly used combo for $3200.  (the actual finish is a gorgeous pearl white) click the pic for more info.


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