With a love and respect for design, architecture and their impact both in our visual and functional lives, most current offerings in the 'stands' arena don't quite live up to our standards.  We feel that your audio can be an attractive addition to your lives in every respect.  That is why for most of our installations in the high-end we have something constructed by one of our talented artisan partners.  We have also a small list of vendors that construct very audiophile grade furniture for smaller systems, and or matching stands for anyone of several monitors.  For you specific needs in this area, we urge you to contact us.
Below are links to some of our preferred ready-made designs on the market.  Make no mistake, isolation done correctly is as legitimate a concern as amp and speaker matching.  For those on a budget, we also offer some good old fashioned advice to improve what you have, or garner a few things that can help, based upon your room.  They will not nearly equal the performance of the items below, but they can be a good starting place.


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