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We are always striving to better our service.  As such, we urge our clientele to send us feedback.  We feel the landscape of consultation and service need not suffer due to the on-line nature of our business.  Below are some nice testimonials from clients and related audio press.  As always, Thank you for your support.  


From Srajan Ebaen of 6Moons:

'The stereodesk moniker exploited by retailer Fred Crane hammers it home. The desktop or otherwise nearfield milieu is this particular playground. Stereo astrue 3D soundstaging at high resolution becomes the very grown-up entertainment which these quite serious hifi toys enable.'

'US retailer StereoDesk aka AudioPrana puts it nicely: "We yearn for tunes at any moment and in any space: in the office; in bed while others sleep; near someone who has the nerve to focus on something other than music. So we offer an interesting array of diminutive solutions for those subjugated to music black-out". That's the S.O.'s playground. And probably exactly why StereoDesk carries it.'

 To close out, I'll excerpt a reader letter from new retailer Fred Crane of StereoDesk: "It's an exciting time to be in audio. The envelope for what has been reference sound has become increasingly accessible to your average music lover even as cost-no-object designs attempt to keep the target moving. The proliferation of artist/engineers like Nelson Pass, Jarek Waszczyszyn, Sasa Cokic, Cees Ruijtenberg, Akira Nagai, Jacob George, Vincent Brient, Roland Krammer, Bruno Putzeys, Burson, Wyred, King Wa, Jackson and Slagle's Emia and a host of others have made the divide between the best and the public not so unfathomable." Indeed!

The HPA-21 arrived yesterday. Am using April Music DP-1 as DAC and Audeze LCD-X cans. The music is amazing. Thanks.
Bill Catlin
4/10/14 - on the Trafomatic and TakeT combo!!


Hi Fred,

The happy camper reports...
It's been a most beautiful day here on the audio front. Mark me down in the "love these" category!



the unit (CFA 1.2 ) arrived fine. everything seems to be in excellent working order. i have yet to sit down for serious listening, but i think i can safely say, with even a cursory listen, that i have a sense of the sound. in a word, holy crap. okay, that's two words, but really, what i'm hearing in terms of clarity, dynamism, soundstaging, tone is really quite remarkable, especially in light of some of the stuff i've been listening to recently.


i am immediately struck by the texture and density of vocals. what i've heard in my system (modwright, wyred, some passives) have, for the most part, performed admirably, throwing a comfortably articulated soundstage. but none of the others has given such a sense of the materiality of vocals, and as emanating from a clearly-defined point in space. the voices i'm hearing don't just seem to come from a place, but to occupy space. okay, i've gushed more than the few hours i've spent listening warrant, but still...


-Michael Murashige

"Cable Arrived (Gemini)... TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT !!!, sound is spectacular, dynamic, tight, precise, accurate, airy and a feeling of black space background if that makes any sense, thanks Fred, you are officially my Audio Dealer, i will send you my system specs soon to see how you can help me improve whats already great, thanks again !" Luis L.
I'm very pleased to have been San-ed for the first time.  Welcome Japan to those who are loving iFi-Micro

Dear Fred-san,

The item finally arrived to my hands this date. Performance is far more than expectation. By the way, it came no customs notice. 

Thank you veru much for your kind support.



on the i-usb!!

Hello Fred, I love this little box. Every thing got better!!! No should be with out one. Looking forward to the Gemini cable. Thanks  John Woodman



Feedback ... +++ ... I ordered a IFI-Micro IPhono preamp on Wed. Evening, 5/1 and received it today, Sat. 5/4.  The IPhono sounds truly amazing and is exceeding any expectations that I had for it.  Actually, it sounds fantastic for the price.  Thanks StereoDesk - I'm sure glad to have found you.  Sure appreciate the fast shipping as well.  David 



Hi Fred,
The Mad Dogs, ordered on Saturday, arrived today, Monday. Quick service and only a penny to pay for shipping; not many bargains like that around these days. Thank you!
Since I just sent my Explorer DAC/headphone amp off to Meridian to be replaced by a lower-impedance later version, I'm burning in the MDs with vinyl on repeat, played through an old Onkyo receiver with a headphone jack. Sounds fantastic even with cheap vintage electronics.
Thanks again and best to you,
4/28 on the i-CAN-
It's nice. I'm running HD 650s and they've never sounded better.





Hi Fred,

Thanks for the update.

No problem on the delay.  I'd rather have to wait and have it "right" than get a product that was shoved out the door before it really should have been.

Regarding the iCan, I've been doing more "critical" listening and I have to tell you that it is making my Beyer T5P's reveal things that I have never heard.  To be completely honest, for the price of the T5P's, I have always been a tad underwhelmed at their performance, but the iCan is driving these things with authority and in return, the T5P's are giving me some serious authority back!

I think it goes without saying now, that you will not be receiving the iCan back.  The Beyers now in my opinion, are justifying their cost.  Thanks Fred,





"Fred Crane of Stereo Desk righted my wayward course on the ultimate desktop speakers for my MacBook Air and got me into a pair of Ancient Audio Studio Oslo's that take my breath away every time I turn them on. He handled installation of the Oslo's and a Wadia 121 Decoding Computer that added even more punch to the system. Fred is the opposite of a dilettante. He is a walking Oxford English Dictionary of jazz, wines, real estate, and all matters audiophile. To twist a figure of speech, put his ears in your hands. He won't steer you wrong on the way to your own audio nirvana."

Hugh Kennedy, Partner, national advertising agency


-from Dino Sawyer-Client and frequent blogger on Headfi.

"I purchased the dac from stereodesk, just ordered it today. They seem like a good place to order from at least to me. I talked with them on the phone for like half hour, they answered all my questions, me being a total audio dac noob. Free shipping too, ok it was 1 cent. SCHIIT does not offer free shipping but a better warranty than the IFI idac so Ill give them that anyway. One nice thing about stereodesk, they said we only carry what we have spent time with and like really like ourselves, I liked that philosophy personally. http://stereodesk.com/

Guess I didn't update this thread, as I ordered one from Stereodesk last week.  Fred Crane, proprietor of Stereodesk/Audio Prana was a joy to work with.  As noted, free shipping and he said I could send it back if I didn't like it. 

 If someone is thinking of purchasing any of the iFi Micro products, definitely contact stereodesk

Just received an email from Fred @ stereodesk that my iDAC arrived and will ship out tomorrow.  I should have it on Tuesday.

 Again, if you are going to buy any of the iFi Micro products, I strongly suggest you contact Fred Crane, proprietor of stereodesk/audioprana."



From Gregg Deering, client in NY


Hi Frederick,

"I have been remiss in not thanking you for sending the iphono so quickly.  I was very happy to find it waiting for me.  Between family and New years I have only listened to it a bit, and it has been furthering and restoring my holiday cheer - much needed and appreciated!

Thanks for everything,




From Nathaniel Blake in CA.

Stereodesk.com is the most honest, straight up on line business, I have ever dealt with, hands down, from fast shipping to their excellent customer service, they were first class all the way. I had no problem with something I returned, it was handled professionally and quickly.  I cannot recommend Stereodesk.com enough!!


"Hi Fred,

I received the iusb on Monday and put in the loop immediately. I think the best way I could describe it is that it smooths out the rough edges in a song.

Any harshness or high frequency has been tamed and I do notice the darker background. I think the example on the box with the picture of the fuzzy band and the clear one is probably the way to describe the music.

I definitely hear more clarity and separation of instruments which is something I was looking for.

Thanks Fred for all your help..."

Tom Ramey

on receiving the idac, iusb, and iCan:

Hi Team StereoDesk,

Just checking in with a few more early impressions.  I've used the iFi separates now with all 4 of my best headphones/iIEMs -- the HD-800s, HE-400s, the Shure SE 425s with the Lune silver cable upgrade, and the HiFiMAN Re-0 IEMs.Even at this early stage (about 20 hours of total playtime on the components), they all sound good, but again all but the Shures are still in need of plenty of break-in time themselves, so this is all very preliminary.

 So far I am leaning towards both HiFi MAN pieces to be the best match.  The RE-0s were brand new when I plugged them in and they were so harsh and abrasive that I nearly yanked them out and put them away.  However after about 90 minutes of music they really started to smooth out (still have quite a way to go but the progress so far is encouraging.)  Easily the most detailed of the bunch and really the only one that gave a very nice sense of soundstage depth and ambient cue recovery.  If they continue to improve these will be some seriously good IEMs -- among the best I've heard.  Likewise the HE-400 sounds very nice with the iCAN (with the Q-Audio silk cable upgrade), easily the most bass impact of the bunch and kick drum hits are nice, full of impact, but not bloated and with no overhang.  These cans are known to take a while to smooth out and reach their full potential, so I'll definitely keep at it with these when the situation permits (when it won't disturb my wife in bed, etc.).  The HD-800s seem only so-so and again this is with the Q-Audio silk cable upgrade.  This actually doesn't surprise me because to my ears these cans are the most sensitive to amplification to any others I've ever encountered.  Att RMAF 2011 I had the opportunity to hear these (didn't owna pair at that time) withjust about every appropriate amp you can think of, and until I got to the bottlehead table, I wouldn't have thought them worth the price.  I tried them with Wu, Schiit, Ray Samuels, Headroom, ALO, and others I can't even remember anymore, but the Bottlehead Crack was the only that really made them wake up and sound simply amazing.  Also I found that tube amps in general worked better with the HD-800s, so again, no surprises with the iCAN.

 And the Shures were just the Shures -- nice, nicely balanced, warmish,  but nothing extraordinary at the frequency extremes, but still very nice to listen to with good detail retrieval and good top to bottom balance.  These have over 400 hours on them so are well broken in and probably something I won't ever part with.  Replacing the stock Shure cable is an absolute must though -- I kept hearing a super high-frequency abberation on such instruments as mte trumpet, that was driving me nuts.  This was with a uncompressed 16/44.1 wave file from my iPod touch connected with a analog dock cable, so I figured it was just the iPod, but then I kept hearing the same hting on every amp and combination of dac/amp I could find, and as soon as I replaced the stock cable, it went away.  Just to make sure, I went back and tried all the other combinations of source, amp etc. and sure enough, it never happened again.  The real test was when the Lune cable developed an intermittent connection and I had to send them back for repair and put the stock cables back in, and there it was -- that nasty resonance.

 Now some final thoughts on the iCAN bass and 3D enhancements -- I have simply not liked these effects inthe past -- something about them sounded just wrong and artificial, but I'm happy to report that the iCAN's implementations of these effects is just wonderful.  Sounding very natural (when set to an appropriate level for the cans in use, the bass can be tuned from somewhat overpowering to just right, and the 3D just works so nicely without any whacky phase abberations that let you know it is a contrived effect.  Just sounds far closer to a real speaker in room setup, and as I said, with the RE-0s, a simply amazing soundstage with real height, width and depth.

 Anyway, if you're still reading, that's the early-ish reports, but overall I find these to be quality pieces of gear that I would say are performing well above their price point, super quiet (even when switching the various effect settings) and with plenty of drive for the HE-400 orthos.  Now I can't wait to hook these up to my mac mini with my good usb cables, a better set of interconnects (I'm using a stereo rca to 3.5 mm cable now) and with full, high-resolution, uncompressed files -- not the 320 kbps mp3s that MOG serves up and what I've been using so far for these tests.  In short, I'm happy beyond belief and thin that these are going to stay permanently as my bedside headphone rig.  ALO Continental and National will be going up for sale soon.

 Any idea on when the Gemini cable will be ready?


 Jim Rebman

Answer from StereoDesk,

Hi Jim,

Thanks for all of your insight and time taken to share with us.  We had a similar experience with HiFiMan and iFi-Micro.  That's one reason we're becoming a HifiMAN dealer-the other is that we love HifiMAN.  The Gemini USB cable should be gracing systems by late Feb. to early March.  We have quite a few orders already placed via a deposit wait list.  Split USB is the only way to fly.  

We note that you like after-market cabling.  We often do as well and are working with one of our all time favorite cable manufacturers on just such cabling for some of our headphones.  


Best Regards,


Team StereoDesk


Hi Fred,


Packages arrived today safe and sound. 

The iDac and iUSB look and sound great. Let me know when the Gemini twin

headed usb cable comes available as I'll probably be looking to pick one up

from you when they're available.



Nam Ho

Candidate for Masters of Arts: Economics

University of Toronto



thanks for the e-mail and really impressed with your quick shipping....I have the i-usb plugged in right now into--->

Lenovo labtop> ifi i-usb> JDS Labs ODAC > Adcom GFP-750 pre-amp > Emotiva

Airmotive 6 active monitors.....

a nice improvement in bass is noticeable right off the bat....will

look forward to trying with some other dacs, headphone rig and other

configs....definitely interested in the ifi usb cable....will be ordering shortly

thanks again,



Hi there!  

I received the item today and plugged it into my system. I'm typically using a Macbook Retina as a music server out to the iFi Micro and then to either the Musical Fidelity V-Link 24/192 (then to coax) or directly to the USB input on the PS Audio NuWave. My amp is an SPL Auditor and headphones are Q701's or HD800's. 

Through either the V-Link or directly into the PS Audio NuWave I'm hearing improvements in the sound. The first thing I noticed is that where there was harshness, there are now details. Separation of instruments is improved, imaging is improved, and there's just a delicate rendering of the sound that was missing before. Decay of fine details I think is the most important thing here lending even the lightest taps body and presence.  

I think for the first time I can say I am happy enough with how music sounds from my computer. I've been trying to figure this out for a couple years and it just never seemed "right". I'm back on track with this addition. 

While I've tried many great components in my system, and my current system has great components in it, nothing "fixed" the sound the way this has. 

Honestly, it's one of the most legitimate audio purchases I've ever made. It works as advertised, and for the price, and considering this industry, those two things alone make it a something of a miracle machine.

Thanks for the great customer service, looking forward to trying the Gemini as well!

-Shawn K.


Hi Fred,

This has got to be the fastest shipping I have ever seen!  I just ordered this over the weekend and you guys were snowed in too up there too. USPS also!  This is an amazing little device. It really doesn't add much bass or "3D" to the music. It's ever so slight. 

These Beyer's are pretty bass shy headphones.  They have an exceptionally clean signature though which I like. 

I can comfortably say that I have never had anything drive them like iCan, can. The iCan is absolutely dead quiet. I'm typing this with the headphones on, but no music playing. The volume is up on the iCan, but is though I don't have the Beyer's plugged into anything. 

Thanks so much, Fred



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